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The Perfect Home Office Space

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Whether you’ve been making do with a dining table setup or your office also happens to double as a kids’ playroom, Adairs has everything you need create a comfortable workspace at home that inspires productivity. It’s time to get creative!

Choosing your working-from-home spot

First and foremost, select a location away from household noise and any potential distractions. It might be a corner of your bedroom or a spare room. Pick an area with natural light and a window that allows fresh air. If this isn’t possible, try adding in greenery such as a lush green artificial pot plant or a vase of flowers to bring in that fresh feeling.

Your desk and chair

Avoid working from the couch or your bed at all costs. Take the time to set up a comfortable desk and chair (your back will thank you). Your desk doesn’t have to be huge; a smaller space can be much easier to keep neat and tidy. Make sure your chair is adjustable so you can set the right height to avoid hunching. To up the comfort factor, add a back cushion and have a warm throw handy.

Time to decorate

Personal touches will make your home office area are an enjoyable place to be. Set the stage with a touch of greenery, a vase, a diffuser and a tray to hold stationery. Lighting is important, even if you have the perfect sunny spot. A floor lamp or a table lamp will keep your space well lit. Add in a rug, wall art or a mirror to give the illusion of space. If you have a free corner, pop in a comfy accent chair and a bookcase to create a cosy nook away from your desk.

For your littlest colleagues

Create an inspiring space at home for your kids to learn, create… and stay entertained! Choose a desk and a chair in a classic style that they can love for years to come.


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