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Create Your Own Wall Art Gallery

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Spruce up your home for Spring with a wall art gallery! Add some personality and bring to life different styles that you can adopt in your home with beautiful pieces from Adairs.

1. Choosing your art

When selecting your art, remember it has to be something that resonates with you and your personal style. The Adairs gallery frames have standard sizing for large scale posters but are also suitable for a wide variety of prints such as wedding photographs and other personal photos.

2. Lay it out

    If you’re wanting to create a formal gallery wall, think repeat – an orderly and repetitive layout creates a sense of formality and suits both traditional & contemporary interiors. This type of gallery wall works best when you want to tell more of a story through your art.
    For those who are creative or quirky, an eclectic gallery wall is all about having fun. Mix it up – play with scale, position, imagery and even the colour of your frames. An even gap between each frame will provide a sense of order and make things look a little less unplanned.
    Perfect for on a shelf or cabinet, ‘the lean’ is a type of gallery wall that suits more of a contemporary or modern home and style. Simply layer and stack your favourite art and images against the wall for a casual look. Combine with decorative elements to finish the look.
    A traditional gallery wall consists of a very simple approach to styling your picture frame. For more of an effect, traditional ‘gallery walls’ work best when there is only one large scale image used. If you’re wanting to make more of an impact, hang your statement art or picture at a low eye level.
    The ‘On a shelf’ approach is perfect for renters or those who don’t want to commit to hanging or mounting their wall art long-term. For more of a relaxed statement, layer and overlap picture frames and art together.

3. Hang it!

  1. Once the layout is on the wall, you’re ready to hang it. Frames can be hung either with 3M strips (amazing if you rent as they won’t mark your wall) or a hook/nail which are more suitable for heavier frames.
  2. The Adairs gallery frames include hooks on the back, they can be hung portrait or landscape and include a 3mm acrylic cover, meaning a lighter frame (A1 – 3.1kg) and a clearer, safer cover.
  3. Simply use your paper as a guide on where to place the 3M/hook/nail before removing it.
  4. Now you’re ready to enjoy your space!


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