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Top 5 Educational Games

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Kids video games – making screen time fun and educational!

Want to keep kids entertained these school holidays (especially if you’re trying to work from home)? These are the games that will teach them as they play. Make screen time fun and educational with these games suggestions available at EB Games and JB Hi-Fi.

1. Minecraft

If your kids aren’t already hooked on this cult favourite game and its iconic blocky graphics, it’s about time you introduce them to it! In addition to helping them learn abstractly, it boosts creativity and encourages teamwork and creates a motivation for kids to improve their reading and maths skills so they can advance in the game itself.

2. Scribblenauts Showdown

Scribblenauts is great for kids to improve their English and literacy skills because the whole game revolves around using words to bring objects to life. It also encourages teamwork and problem solving – plus, it’s just a colourful and fun game they’ll love to play alone or with friends.

3. Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training Game

A more explicitly educational game still maintains the fun by creating a competitive environment where your child is encouraged to beat their personal bests to get a better “brain age”. They can choose from a series of games and activities to test their literacy, numeracy and logic skills.

4. Little Big Planet 3

Featuring the super-cute main character Sackboy, this game encourages creativity galore for kids. They also will hone their problem-solving skills as they help Sackboy navigate his way through each level.

5. Nintendo Labo

LABO encourages kids to “make, play, [and] discover” with their DIY kits. Kids will first have to construct the cardboard Toy-Cons that come in each kit, then use it to play an assortment of fun and educational games. It’s probably one of the most exciting educational options out there for creative-minded kids.

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